Modern windows not only keep warm, but also protected from the constant noise and create a comfortable environment in your home.

Superlative sound insulation

Passing lorries. Thundering jet planes. Blaring music. Blasting pneumatic hammers. One thing is for sure – noise is not only bothersome, it can also harm your health. Because the fact is: those who suffer sleep disorders caused by noise have a significantly higher risk of allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure and migraines. We are subjected to an unbelievable number of different sources of noise daily – often around the clock.

Since sound protection depends on the perfect interplay between several components, it is important to view the entire component in context to the building. And that means: the window frames, gap seals, the connection to the building and the glazing must all meet the sound protection requirements in order to attain the appropriate values. With pvc windows from SIP, you have the guarantee that noise stays outside when you are inside, because with the appropriate glazing, PVC windows from SIP are classified in sound protection class 5. Your benefit: peace and quiet, and even more peace and quiet.

What is noise?

To calculate the sound reduction index of building elements, it is important to know the relevant levels for inside and outside. The sound reduction index Rw is the most important measure for sound insulation. Like sound, it is specified in dB (decibels). The effective standard is DIN 4109 “Sound insulation in buildings”, also frequently used is the VDI Guideline 2719 “Sound insulation of windows and their auxiliary equipment”. To calculate the sound reduction index of building elements, it is necessary to know the outside noise level and the use of the room inside.

To increase the sound insulation of windows, the following measures are practicable:

  • Optimising the glazing
  • Joint design / assembly
  • Frame and sash design